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The STRONGMAN© process, developed by Ed Wal of the BDW Partnership, helps salespeople plan and develop the sale to ensure its success. Unlike sales training which focuses on needs development, STRONGMAN© focuses on the sale as seen from the prospects point of view.  The focus being to progress the opportunity together in partnership.


Internally STRONGMAN© builds a shared language between salespeople and their managers, allowing opportunities to be assessed in one-on-one or group opportunity reviews where everyone can quickly understand the situation and suggest routes forward.


For those new to sales it helps provide a structure for planning the sale and for those with experience it helps improve their hit rate and build their success. For sales managers and leaders, it helps ensure you provide accurate forecasts and identify which deals can be moved to fill gaps.


STRONGMAN© has helped thousands of salespeople and their managers take control of their pipeline and increase their sales. 


Watch James Francis explain more about Strongman


  • Increased Hit-rate, Increasing Sales

  • Increase forecast accuracy

  • Focuses efforts on deals which can convert

  • Create a shared language for opportunity discussion 

  • Applied across the whole sales team experienced or new


STRONGMAN© is an analysis and planning tool which is installed into your CRM for documentation but more importantly it is embedded into your sales teams opportunity review process.

If you want to understand why your sales forecast keeps missing or you simply want to increase your sales hit rate driving revenue then please contact us to see how we can embed STRONGMAN© it your sales team.


With 22 years in sales, James has completed an estimated 5,000 opportunity reviews and he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. However, with STRONGMAN© used in each review, he has always had the tool to understand what needed to happen to succeed and when it was time to give up and start looking for more deals. 

Scott Young also used the program and after years of using other methods like Wilson, Spin Selling, etc he found in Strongman the one that made sense. Why Gaido Scientific, because when we use STRONGMAN© we controlled our win rate.


Ed Wal is an Associate Director of KEW Associates and also a founder member of The BWD Partnership. He has undertaken strategic business reviews, managed organisational change programmes and created and led major sales and marketing training programmes.


Ed’s background is steeped in sales. He has degrees in Economics and Business Administration and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Institute of Personnel. Working with KEW on numerous research assignments has given him a unique insight into market growth, development and change in the B2B environment. These engagements have provided knowledge and experience which has been used to develop sales processes that make a difference.


He is continuously engaged in business strategy reviews, the management of change projects and the design and implementation of major training initiatives in the USA, Europe and Australasia.

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