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New Website & New Programs

Let’s face it no one wants to hear about a new website. But we felt we had to say something because in reality your website is simply what you do and why. Of course, the who you are bit is important but if we were green aliens, it would be interesting, but you would still need to know what we are selling, and yes, I said selling, we are all in honesty selling.

"It's complicated" can never really be the answer to what you do, only simple will suffice and no one really wants to see your working, people just want to see quickly and clearly who you are and what you do.

Gaido Scientific started as a series of ideas to be explored in relation to helping scientific instrument companies grow, adding in skills and services which were not normally hired for. This has not changed; we’re just trying to make it a bit clearer. Because that is basically vague waffle….

Gaido Scientific helps scientific solutions companies grow using dedicated sales and marketing programs and consulting and advisory services. And it’s this that the website explains further actually saying what those programs are.

We have 6 programs in total covering sales, marketing and product management and we sell them both as contracted services for those who need immediate help or as dedicated training courses for those needing to embed new skills in their businesses.

So, the new website is about our programs – go check them out

Anyway - it's a new website, it's not fancy, it's clean, it's sort of green and we hope it helps you get who we are and what we do.

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