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Happy First Birthday - Gaido Scientific

We made it, it’s a year since we we’re founded and what a year. Gaido Scientific helped a number of clients launch products and develop/improve their go-to-market strategies - all achieved through a mix of consulting, advice, outsourcing and dedicated programs.

Our vision remains the same as it did at launch back in June 2021, help companies Launch, Strengthen and Accelerate their business. Although the vision has stayed the same, other things have changed namely the people, skills, and offerings.

People - The journey was started by our founder, James Francis, who had a strong passion to grow a business which would focus purely on helping other scientific instrument businesses to grow. He was quickly joined by Louis Keal, followed by Scott Young, Ravi Kotecha and then Danielle Newell who completed the current line-up when she joined in January. Gaido Scientific is still looking to expand throughout 2022 adding more experts and consultants to the business. We provide people flexibility to mix work with freedom. Maybe you want to develop a business concept or complete a qualification? Maybe you want to experience a wide variety of work or maybe you just want to work less hours to help make time for a passion. If you're looking for a change and you're interested in consulting, please contact us directly.

Skills – Of course it stands to reason by adding new people comes new skills, but this is only one way you add them to a business – the other way is to build them. Each of our consultants have to challenge themselves to learn new skills as part of getting the job done. This year we’ve built brands, websites, CRMs, online courses, created data scraping technology, written articles, app notes, provided email outreach and social programs, and even written and launched a book.

Offerings - We’re changing how we offer services, yes, we still offer consulting but we’re changing. We want to be more than generic consultants who can help you out when you’ve got a problem, we want to help more businesses grow and the only way we can scale to do this is through dedicated services and programs, we’ve been working on these concepts for a while and will be launching these in the coming weeks.

As a team, we owe the last 12 months to our clients, they trusted us, and we remain highly loyal to that invested trust. Thank you to all those we have worked with.

We look forward to year two. Of course, it will have ups and downs but that’s the journey that is life. Just as long as the graph goes up then we are happy - after all, the bumps are just that, bumps.


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