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Appraisal Template - For Those Who Seek Change

Appraisals are hard, they are emotive, and they worry people. This is because people believe it’s about grading them when it’s not, it’s about a conversation to understand what can be worked on to make that individual better and drive their career. And that’s all it is, it‘s a conversation, a chance to not work and talk about stuff.

Now if you want a job, not a career, that’s absolutely fine. I’m not going to judge – how you find happiness or fulfilment on your journey through this life is up to you. But for those who want to meet or beat the standards, then we need to take this review business seriously.

So, let’s start with the worst review I ever had. I was told by my manager I was excellent and no areas of improvement were needed. I should be happy but what was I to work on? Just keep driving numbers, be a good worker bee. I wanted more.

The template attached, which is completed with examples, I have used for many years, and it starts with grounding people. Most people don’t know what they do well or reasonably. They only think when asked to complete an appraisal form and then it’s more of a hassle because it’s just another thing that needs doing. So here is the trick – meeting the standard marks you as 3, if you are below standard you are 2, or really bad 1. If you are really bad, then people need examples.

Most people never really have anything bad that needs mentioning, unless they are identified for removal, either now or on the identified list for a recession or hard times – sorry, if you don’t think this goes on then you’re dreaming. Most people are looking for where they are great – what I want is examples, here most fall down. Without a solid example you don’t get to put yourself at 4 or for the crazy good people, at 5.

So critically this is not an uber rating where reaching a destination gets you 5 – you need to explain it . Or live with meeting the expectation of 3. By the way, meeting expectation is really good – if we stop worrying about winning everything, we can start looking at winning a few things well.

What the review then becomes is simply a one-to-one discussion. It’s nothing to do with being good or bad, only discussions on topics and the search to find areas of interest where they could really develop.

Please use as you need and if you need help in this area Gaido Scientific can help further.

Example Review Template
Download DOCX • 36KB

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