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You can never do enough prequalification of new positions or new hires, but on both sides, you need to reduce the risk. The aim is to avoid the new hire saying the words “this is not what I signed up for” or the Sales Manager saying, “I thought they’d be great.”

I’ve done it, more times than I’m happy to admit but we set out on a mission to hire a salesperson and we write a specification using similar bullets to those below.

· Answering incoming inquiries, discussing needs, and progressing to an opportunity

· Explain the advanced values of products relative to application

· Build relationships with existing customers to identify new projects

· Develop business within your area

· Provide demonstrations, individually or in advance situations with product experts

People apply -"sales is sales right?" Well no, sales are different, so salespeople are different.

How come some in sales know the products well and others bring in an expert? Some need to demonstrate capability in person, some via the web, some by video, and some simply rely on the product specifications on the website.

Job specifications are like magical documents where whoever looks at them can see what they want to see. This is where looking at a sale using a tool like SalesDISK© can help by displaying the focus, expectation and supporting resources collectively.

Further than just helping Sales, the act of creating a SalesDISK© and its associated data will help in discussing options to form or sharpen the strategy. Importantly it delivers honesty for the Salespeople letting them know what type of Salesperson they need to be irrespective of a meaningless title. They can of course not like it and leave - that is not pleasant and can be a distraction. Your alternatives are allowing caveats or lying to them, and I have not really seen that work.

2 SalesDISK©s represent the intention of one job specification.

In the example shown we can see two radically different jobs displayed as SalesDISK©s. One shows focus on DEVELOP and KNOWLEDGE and the other is focused on IDENTIFY. It is however possible that they shared the same specification comprising bullets similar to these,

The DEVELOP segment focuses demonstrating-capability and what I would call active selling. The IDENTIFY segment focuses on finding business. Imagine signing up thinking you were going to be a demo master and finding out you’re a cold-calling hunter.

Identify missing resources - who is helping? Do you have an internal sales person, applications or product experts? Do they even know when they are meant to be helping?

To find out more about how SalesDISK© can help please contact us for more information

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