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Gaido Scientific Welcomes Dr. Louis Keal

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Louis as a consultant to our business. Louis provides us with excellent insight into product testing and review, creation and delivery of training courses, as well as building and delivering custom demonstration services for our clients.

Gaido Scientific is adding additional resources to help our clients grow faster, by offering skilled and trusted staff against the existing process of hiring, onboarding, and training. With the market currently suffering high staff-turnover, we can help add short-term focus without gambling on outcomes and incurring recruitment fees.

We have already added several additional sub-contracting partners who assist in content creation, design, and market advice and now we are expanding to add affiliated consulting partners such as Louis.

If you’re interested in either becoming a consultant full or part time, or even just topping up your income in your spare time please let us know.

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