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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Ed Wal, the author of Solution Selling, The STRONGMAN© Process, has granted Gaido Scientific permission to provide training under licence.

Why STRONGMAN© is the perfect choice

Sales training tends to cover a single aspect of the sale - questioning or developing needs being the most common. There are a lot of Sales training models to choose from; none are bad, they are all different and you can learn from each of them. What they don’t do is take you from start to finish.

STRONGMAN© covers all aspects of the sale and provides a clear structure to plan your sale and, critically, to assess why you don’t yet have the order.

Our founder, James Francis has been using STRONGMAN© for 20 years with Direct and Dealer Channel sales teams across the globe.” I found that it helped by creating a common language and that, critically, by focusing on the key aspects of each sale, hit-rate and forecast accuracy improved. Just imagine what a difference a salesperson selling just 10% more a year would make.”

STRONGMAN© courses and coaching are available on request. Please contact us for further information.

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