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SalesDISK© (The Book) Expected Soon

After many months, SalesDISK© (the book) is expected in the next 30 days. Here it is laid out on James' dining room table in final review.

The book focuses on the SalesDISK© which is designed to review and help build a better sales model as part of an effective go-to-market strategy.

About the Author

James has more than 20 years’ sales experience, starting as an Internal Salesperson calling fresh leads and progressing to a VP of Sales & Marketing running multiple global sales teams. He has been fortunate to conduct business in over 30 countries, allowing him to observe sales and their associated models from multiple angles, operating through multiple channels.

His background is in science. Having completed his degree in Chemistry, he started his career in software and moved on to work in instrumentation serving the Scientific Instruments market, primarily focusing on Life Science.

The science of selling is James’s passion, being intrigued by the motivators of people on both the buying and selling sides of the deal. He is also fascinated by empathy and building alignment within companies to ensure that people know what they’re doing and to focus efforts on meeting commitments (made) for growth.

After just over 20 years in industry, James pivoted to found Gaido Scientific, a consultancy business, where he and his team provide go-to-market advice and services, primarily to Scientific Instrument providers.

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