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Having Ideas Does Not Mean You Own Them

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

I would like to take this opportunity to say I invented a joke in 2001 and it’s available for $10 per use, or a lifetime licence is available for $10,000.

Here it is.

“I’m starting a geek club, are you over interested?”

Sadly, I don’t own it I just invented it. Ownership comes from creation combined with an appreciable value and an ability to monetize. The minute I float it out there without a plan or protection, I’ve lost ownership.

Now of course some ideas are patentable and need protecting, I think we can all agree my joke is probably not one of those ideas.

People worry about ownership of ideas; I don’t ideas are actually relatively easy. As a consultant people ask me “aren’t you worried, you’re going to pitch a piece of work and the client will run off with your idea and do it anyway”. No, not really, because the minute I open my mouth I no longer really own the idea and the idea is not the hard part.

The hard part is both the selection of the correct idea and then the execution. People fail to execute on ideas every day.

Failure to launch is normal, we’ve all thought we should do something that would change our businesses or even our lives. The reality is we sit in a stream of activity, a flow of things that need to be done (that really don’t) and while we sit in this stream of activity we leave unimportant things undone.

You need to get out of the stream of activity once in a while (walk, vacation or even career break) to really run through the ideas –it's not going to magically happen whilst doing your email is it !

So how do you get stuff done, well that’s for another post.

If you want help coming up with, ranking or executing on ideas - we can help. If you want help with jokes – maybe try someone else.

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